About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to inform and educate everyone in the world about Science and Technology.

We started with the very simple idea, lets share the knowledge about how far we have gone in the race of Technology, where we are with respect to advancement in Science specially Physics.

Every day we use multiple devices at home or office but do we know how that device work in terms of hardware and software process, or even are we fully utilizing the capacity and power of the same.

We know that most of the information is already available on Internet and we are consolidating the same and package the details in simple and easy to understand manner for a common man.

Those who have access to tech and interest in it can search items on the web, but not everyone can apply that approach due to lack of understanding how things work.

We are trying to translate the big tech jargon into smaller more lightweight items, and make them available to Super Techies and non Techies.

Vision Statement

We built this website to share knowledge and information /w Science, specially Astrophysics, Technology & Space exploration. All ideas are welcome. The logic behind creating this site is education.

About the Company

ThinkPhysics.in was created back in 2010 by Asheesh Saxena with an idea of sharing knowledge.

Due to technical reasons and lack of inputs it was dormant for nearly 5 years and not much activity happened. As we are entering into 2016 we thought that it is the right time to start over again and “Never Give UP” attitude.

We believe that those who stop trying will fail, but those who try even after failing multiple time will become experts and success come to them as victory.


Need your Support

All ideas are welcome

We are looking for talented and innovative minds to share their ideas and interest aligned to our vision. Your blogs & white papers & research papers in the area of science and technology will help our audience to understand the subject. Any moment, activity or action related to either physics or chemistry &/or any other stream of science.

Next Steps…

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